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Cooperate with St. Martins College designer to complete client design projects

In order to complete the design task of a big customer, we spent 9 days from February 25th to March 5th. Our colleagues from the design department and the business department worked continuously for 9 days and completed more than 80 design drawings of sport shoes and casual sneakers in total.

During this period, we invited Mr. Bode, an excellent British designer who graduated from St. Martin's College in the UK, to join our design project. He used to work in ANTA Company and Li Ning Company in China for 10 years, and he is an top sneaker designer with very good design ability.

During the 9 days working with Mr.Bode, we had a very full communication and learned a lot of design concepts from him. He taught us a lot of new design ideas, which greatly improved the design level of our whole team.

Under the efforts of the whole team, we completed the design task of the client within the specified time and got very good comments from the client.

Thanks the client for the task, thanks Mr. Bode for his efforts, also thanks each of us efforts .Eopaia is really a very good team and our goal is to be best sneaker trading company in China.